I just wanted to let you know I’ve created a twitter account that is linked to the facebook one I’ve been managing for you. This wasn’t much effort, but should be to some great benefit for those who prefer twitter over facebook. Every time that I post one of your links on facebook, it ‘tweets’ it to twitter. Twitter followers will see the page as Earthbag Building, and can write to the page by using @earthbagblog. The link will be http://www.twitter.com/earthbagblog.

Some more good news is that we’ve now well surpassed the 750 benchmark of followers for your incredibly informative blog. Currently we’re at 776 followers. I am so happy to have been a part of this so far. Thank you for letting me do this, it’s meant a lot to me and has forced me to read your blog every day, which has forced some great knowledge into my thick skull, haha. Plus it’s been fun just seeing the community interact over the facebook platform. I hope it does the same with the twitter account.

Some great things are happening here in Charlotte as well, and I hope to use the knowledge I’ve learned from your blog to share with some folks here in Charlotte. There will be a Tiny Homes/Earthbag Building discussion group getting together on March 17th that I will be helping to lead discussion. The author of thetinylife.com is a local here and I’m so glad he started the meetup group. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with meetup.com but it’s sure brought a great group of permaculturists together for Charlotte. I’m lucky enough to pick the brains of some very experienced locals.
– Luke


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