Earthbag Building Guide Table of Contents 2

Earthbag Building Guide Table of Contents 2

More book reviews:
“This book is very useful for anyone interested in working with earthbags…even those who have experience, since there are many new and innovative concepts presented. It embraces all aspects of safely constructing vertical earthbag walls, discusses ways to insulate and plaster them, and talks about roof options and other details. It even introduces the revolutionary Hyperadobe concept from Brazil! This is a powerful resource.” Kelly Hart, owner/developer

“This book will expand our thinking about how we build and where we live. The point-by-point instructions are a wonderful quick reference, and the detailed explanations explain every aspect of each step from foundation to roof.” Troy Griepentrog, editor Mother Earth News Magazine

The ebook is available for free with all new house plan orders through Earthbag House Plans and Ordering info here.


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