DT1 Force Protection System

DT1 Force Protection System

I found this system on the Internet yesterday. It doesn’t apply to most earthbag builders, but I’m including it here since we try to cover everything related to building with bags. It is a little interesting and could be a springboard to making something similar. The following text is from the DT1 website.

“Weighing only 9.5 lbs, the DT1 Force Protection System is ideal for man portable protection in remote locations. A packaged DT1 takes up roughly the same amount of space as a full sandbag, and is capable of producing a 24 inch deep, 16 foot long wall that protects against small arms fire up to 14.5mm or .50 caliber and near-miss artillery. The DT1 stands 20 inches tall and is stackable up to three units high for even greater levels of protection.

When filled with granular fill (earth, sand or rocks), the DT1 produces expedient defensive fighting positions, small bunkers, tent compartmentalization and other field fortifications. The 100% textile construction mitigates the risk of secondary fragmentation and radio frequency interference. The DT1 requires minimal preparation to deploy, and is designed to conform to sloped or uneven surfaces. Units can be quickly filled by hand and compacted by foot.”

DT1 Force Protection System


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  1. hmm. The first thing that popped in my mind was that you could use something like that as a header above doors or window openings… like they use in concrete cinderblock homes. And it’s so simple in design, yet so ingenius as well…And it looks fairly cheap to make and customize. For round houses, you could fabricate something like this (for the purpose of this image) but make the inner and outer sides of the 16′ length curved… Just a thought…

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