Driftless Farm Greenhouse by Roald Gundersen, Wisconsin

Driftless Farm Greenhouse by Roald Gundersen, Wisconsin

“The larger you build your pit greenhouse the more efficient, as the temperatures inside of a small greenhouse can fluctuate quite quickly.

A 2800 s.f. straw-bale insulated solar greenhouse. Whole tree supports made from site-harvested black locust, which is fast growing and extremely strong and rot-resistant, and abundant throughout Wisconsin.”

Source: Whole Trees.com
These are the same folks who are world famous for their use of whole trees in architecture: Whole-tree Building and Rustic Whole-tree Timberframe The same whole-tree building methods are used on their greenhouse to create a structure at ultra-low cost. If I remember correctly it’s straw bale insulated.


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    • You’ll probably have to go to their Whole Trees.com website and contact them directly. I see they are still doing great work. The greenhouse was made quite a few years ago.

  1. To search our blog for more information, use the terms roundwood or pole building. That’s what I usually call this building method. It’s one of my favorite methods because you can often get poles for free from the forest.

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