“After years of living in big cities, Sonny and Linda Jobe decided to make a change as they entered into retirement. Buying a farm in Doddridge County in West Virginia, Sonny and Linda decided to live completely off-the-grid. They’ve installed several solar panels and also make their own honey and maple syrup. They have a garden, raise chickens and are considering goats in the near future. They claim they can go for months and not have to go to town if they want to. Video by West Virginia Uncovered.”


Source: Daily Mail.com


Couple Goes Off Grid, on to Savings — 2 Comments

  1. My kind of people. I like what Sonny said about “self sufficiency within practicality” from their interview with the Daily Mail.com. Thanks Owen for finding this one. It gives encouragement to those of us who want to get “off the grid”……

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