“Chelle Lindahl, who lives in an off-grid home near Canton, NY, speaks about the rocket mass heater she uses to heat her home. She also discusses other aspects of how she tries to have a low-impact lifestyle.

Rocket mass heaters (RMH) are low-cost, high-efficiency wood-burning stoves that typically consume a fraction of traditional stoves. Chelle’s RMH was built in the fall of 2012, during a workshop led by Ernie and Erica Wisner – who are arguably some of the most knowledgeable people in North America when it comes to RMH. You can check out their website for more info.”
(There’s a good RMH drawing on their website.)

Thanks again to Jay for finding another good site.
More videos where this came from.


Chelle Lindahl’s rocket mass heater — 4 Comments

  1. Very good video and a very good rocket heater. It’s inspired me to think about including a few into my build. Thanks Owen.

  2. Such an inspirational video of this positive and enthusiastic household ! Concurring with Chelle’s final remarks that more and more people are arriving at the opinion that we have to start living responsibly and sustainably in the western world. There is no point in being controlled by marketing on behalf of mega-corporations if it is just not sustainable or satisfying for us. And Chelle’s success is so inspirational ! A wonderful video !

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