Top 10 Most Popular Earthbag Blog Posts

Every year we publish the most popular blog posts for the last 12 months. We’ll do that again in November on our 4th anniversary. Our goal here is to look at the most popular blog posts since we’ve started – … Continue reading →

Structural Integrity of Insulated Earthbag Vaults

This blog post provides additional information about the insulated earthbag vaults that I’ve been discussing the last few weeks. (Use the search engine in the upper right corner and enter “insulated earthbag vaults” to read prior posts.) As explained from … Continue reading →

More Insulated Earthbag Vault Designs

This is a fourth installment on earthbag vaults. Previous posts have already covered most of the details. This blog post presents two more options – living roof and thatch roof. The thatched roof is the simplest and fastest. The living … Continue reading →

Get the Basics Right

Make sure you get the basics right so your earthbag home is safe, sound and durable. As obvious as this seems, the most fundamental earthbag building principles sometimes get lost in the forest of information. That was one reason for … Continue reading →

Mindfulness Project Insulated Solar Vaults

This blog post is a continuation of Insulated Earthbag Vaults and Insulated Earthbag Vaults for Rainy Climates. The Mindfulness Project in Thailand envisions using this design as a part of each housing cluster in their sustainable community. The vaults will … Continue reading →

Earthbag Building Facebook Page

I got the following email a few minutes ago. Luke just won himself a free copy of my upcoming Earthbag Building Video. Thanks, Luke! “With great pleasure, I just wanted to let you know a Facebook page has been created … Continue reading →