Flying Concrete Ferrocement Houses

Ferrocement is resource efficient because it uses minimal rebar and concrete to produce ‘thin shell’ structures. The resulting curved members are somewhat similar to trees and plants. This is the opposite of straight concrete walls that rely on massive thickness … Continue reading →

The Sustainable Urban Dwelling Unit: Timbrel Vaults

Timbrel vaults offer another low cost, sustainable roof building method. This method is suitable for do-it-yourself owner builders if you do the research. Suggestions include: use a simple design with a reinforced concrete bond beam and modest spans. Look into … Continue reading →

Nubian Vaults in Africa

The Nubian vault is an African technique for the construction of timberless vaulted roofs. The AVN (Association la Voute Nubienne), through its Program ’Earth roofs in the Sahel’, helps provide families in sub-Saharan Africa with comfortable, sustainable, affordable, homes. In … Continue reading →

Darfur Hospital

“A permaculture “living system” designed by architect Mishou Sanchez of (Transform Design Group) for The American Sudanese Partnerships to be constructed by using the SuperAdobe method of construction (Nader Khalili, CalEarth) which integrates The Permaculture Research Institutes’ method of desert … Continue reading →

All the Best Earthbag Content

For several years, Kelly and I have been filtering all the best earthbag content from the Web, writing extensively on all aspects of earthbag building and organizing the information for readers. There’s now an enormous amount of information available – … Continue reading →

DoctorDirtbag’s Earthbag House

You may have been following the progress on DoctorDirtbag’s earthbag house like I have. He’s been making a lot of progress. Note the freeform ferrocement roof and how he made the portal skylights. Watching these vids helped me realize how … Continue reading →