Straw/Clay Mixer

“Rather than laboriously tossing clay slip with straw by hand to make light clay straw for finishing the stuffing of the bale walls, we used this mixer to speed up the process. We could mix large batches of light clay … Continue reading →

Basic Earthbag Building DVD Finally Available!

I am pleased to announce that Owen Geiger’s Basic Earthbag Building DVD is finally available for purchase. It has taken more time than expected to complete the production, but it is well worth the wait I think. Owen is a … Continue reading →


“The SandMaster is an attachment for a skid steer, backhoe or an excavator. It quickly fills, transports, securely closes, and places sandbags at or near the area of need. Its primary function is to facilitate flood prevention efforts and emergency … Continue reading →

Planned Obsolescence

I think almost everyone knows about planned obsolescence, but you might be surprised about the extent that it’s used. For instance, there’s a lightbulb in the Livermore, California firehouse that’s burned continuously for over 100 years. As explained in the … Continue reading →

50 Simple Tools Used to Rebuild Haiti

Here’s a practical list of tools that would be good to have on hand, whether you’re rebuilding from a disaster or not. These are the tools relief workers brought with them to rebuild Haiti. I would add how important it … Continue reading →