Earthbag Training and Testing at Santa Clara University, CA

Patti Stouter of Build Simple, Inc. has been testing earthbags and writing technical reports for the last several years in an effort to improve strength of earthbag buildings in seismic areas. She asked me to forward the following announcement. … Continue reading →

First Earthbag Shake Table Tests Create a Computer Model

“How much reinforcement do straight wall earthbag buildings need for earthquakes? Engineers can’t tell without test results. Until this year no one has tested earthbag on a shake table, since full-size testing could cost between $10,000 and $15,000 USD. … Continue reading →

Proctor Soil Compaction Test

“The Standard Proctor Test is a laboratory test used to determine the optimum water for a given compaction energy, for a given soil. The graph illustrates the results obtained from a Standard Proctor test. The Proctor compaction test is a … Continue reading →