Inventor Creates Electricity-Free Air Conditioner Out of Plastic Bottles

What if there was an air-conditioner that could run without any electricity? A Bangladeshi inventor has done just that by creating a “zero electricity” air conditioner that is made out of recycled plastic bottles. … Continue reading →

CoolBot Powered Mobile Walk-in Cooler

Turn a typical trailer into a walk-in cooler to take on the road! Great for storing, shipping and selling produce. This step-by-step video goes through the process building your own portable CoolBot powered mobile walk-in cooler. Please visit for … Continue reading →

HomeBiogas – Turn Your Waste into Energy

Start producing cooking gas and natural fertilizer from your own waste. This HomeBiogas digester will process up to 4 kg of food waste a day. But even one kilo would give you one hour of cooking! 1kg (2.2 lb) … Continue reading →

Hot Ash Wood Burning Stainless Steel Rocket Stove

The Hot Ash rocket stove is designed with primary and secondary burns so they burn hot and efficient. Boil a cup of water with just a handful of sticks, wood pellets, or most other biofuels. … Continue reading →