Good, thorough review of Nature’s Head brand biotoilets. This seems like the leading brand used by most tiny house and bus living folks. I never understood why people would spend so much money on something so simple when a $20 … Continue reading →

Unveiling the Air Crete Rocket Stove Bread Oven

Darwin from the Honey Do Carpenter takes the door for the bread oven out of it’s frame and walks us through the ins and outs of the air motion and why he used aircrete in an oven. This stove can … Continue reading →

Top Rated Multi-Fuel, Multi-Use Rocket Stove

I built this Rocket Stove from scrap metal to serve as a daily use wood stove at a training center. I wanted it to be long-lasting, efficient, and work well, and be able to use various fuels including scrounged branches, … Continue reading →