No Dig Gardening: feed the soil not the plants for many, easier harvests and few weeds

After 11 months of no feeds or fertilisers, see the fine growth of Homeacres vegetables, many planted in summer after clearing first harvests, and no compost or other food added. In undisturbed and mulched soil, organisms manage resources better plus … Continue reading →

Permaculture Neighborhood Tour w/ Costa Rica’s Stephen Brooks

Imagine a whole neighborhood full of tropical fruits on every lot, on every embankment & around any corner. Then combine the lush food forest with the most impressive community garden, river access, great spaces & even a well-planned biogas system … Continue reading →

50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed Everything

Almost 50 years ago, fried chicken tycoon David Bamberger used his fortune to purchase 5,500 acres of overgrazed land in the Texas Hill Country. Planting grasses to soak in rains and fill hillside aquifers, Bamberger devoted the rest of his … Continue reading →

Growing Microgreens for Profit

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone talks about his three most profitable microgreens. Curtis has other videos on his microgreen operation in Canada, his soil mix, greenhouse construction, etc. … Continue reading →