Denim Insulation

Ultra Touch denim insulation is recommended by the Make and Do YouTube channel who says this brand provided better insulation than foam panels he’s used in the past. Denim insulation is a natural, non-toxic insulation product that’s available loose (for … Continue reading →

DIY Low Cost Insulated Earthbag Scoria Blocks

I realized it would be easy to make giant earthbag scoria blocks with raschel mesh bags, scoria (lightweight lava rock) and quick setting cement mortar or glue. The basic block making process involves forming the scoria blocks in simple wooden … Continue reading →

Weaving Studio Plan

In the early 1970’s I was commissioned to design and build a small weaving studio on property located along the coast in Bolinas, California. The client was a weaving apprentice with my sister, who was living on rented property with … Continue reading →