Is Your Dream Farm Abandoned And Waiting For You?

There are abandoned farms everywhere in the rural area where we live. This is a tragedy as places that were loved so much just rot, but it is also an opportunity for anyone who wants to own a farm! … Continue reading →

What is the world’s most advanced off-grid tiny house?

When building a tiny house with off-grid capabilities, there is a lot of technology that goes into the creation of the structure. This video outlines all the technical elements of the Luthorville tiny house project. … Continue reading →

The Future of Transportation?

I’ve always driven small efficient vehicles and fully support reducing costs, saving energy and reducing pollution, but there’s a reasonable limit to how flimsy you can go. An Indian car company makes what could be the flimsiest car in the … Continue reading →

Forget FEMA Trailers: Here’s How to House People in a Hurry

The RAPIDO program was originally conceived in response to the snail’s pace of rebuilding efforts for low-income residents after Hurricane Rita hit Houston in 2005. “We were appalled by the initial nine-month delay—which in retrospect was actually lightning fast compared … Continue reading →

1801 Stone house tour, 18 ac, creek, old stone houses for sale in Kentucky

1801 Stone Estate house for sale – lots of history. Nicely secluded, 6/10 mile off main road. One of the oldest Stone homes West of the Alleghenies and certainly one of the oldest in Kentucky. … Continue reading →