Weaving Studio Plan

In the early 1970’s I was commissioned to design and build a small weaving studio on property located along the coast in Bolinas, California. The client was a weaving apprentice with my sister, who was living on rented property with … Continue reading →

Rebuilding Nepal, One Earthbag at a Time

Rebuilding Nepal, One Earthbag at a Time is a short Kindle book assembled by a team of eight volunteers who went to Palchok in the Trishuli Valley to rebuild a school in the fall of 2015. Because of the remote … Continue reading →

The Mud Home: Earthbag Foundations

“There will be many who refuse to believe this will work. What no concrete? Will be their never-ending refrain. Concrete foundations have been around for less than a hundred years. Buildings have been built for millennia. In the eastern Mediterranean … Continue reading →

Wiki Natural House Foundation Design

Yesterday’s blog post was about the foam glass insulation we plan to use on the Wiki Natural House. Today we’re giving a sneak peak (first draft) of the foundation design. The primary design considerations are low cost, owner-builder friendly, minimal … Continue reading →

Code Approved Rammed Tire Foundations

If you spend enough time you can find almost anything now for free on the Internet. Jason has been sending me one good tip after another. He recommended Strawworks.com in the UK for their detail drawings. They’re world famous for … Continue reading →