The Cambridge Central Mosque

Marks Barfield Architects designed the Cambridge Central Mosque that is respectful of its surroundings while incorporating traditional Islamic design aspects, including geometric patterns that symbolize the infinite. The building, which replaces an old mosque that had become too small for … Continue reading →

Earthships in Canada

Craig and Connie Cook to sailed into early retirement aboard an Earthship. “We would still be working,” Craig said. “We left at 55 because we have no bills.” A lack of utility bills for their home, coupled with a lack … Continue reading →

Home Made from 100 Different Natural Materials

Biobased Creations CEO Lucas De Man believes that natural building materials such as timber, hemp, straw and mycelium could completely replace polluting, non-renewable materials such as steel, plasterboard and cement. Buildings can be made exclusively from plant-based products plus natural … Continue reading →