Earthbag Hobbit House Building

Here is a short documentary about building an earth sheltered earthbag Hobbit house and being able to eat it too! Very Interesting. “It’s not what you own, it’s what you do with it.” This 300 sq. foot round hobbit house … Continue reading →

Teenage Sons and Father build entire Earthbag House for $7,000

“Teenage sons and father give a detailed breakdown of their $7000 Earthbag House build.” Great project. Highly recommended for every natural builder to watch due to number of good ideas, low cost and family cooperation. … Continue reading →

Neither Bricks nor Cement: This School in Delhi Is Stronger, Cheaper & Better

The school was built by NGO Lakshyam and Geeli Mitti. What makes it so special is that it was built using neither bricks, nor cement! … Continue reading →

Migrating Culture Earthbag Chalet

Sometimes I go back and research previous projects to see if there’s any news. I was pleasantly surprised to see the NGO Migrating Culture making excellent progress in Ghana. Earlier we profiled their Mahali Project. Since then they’re gone on … Continue reading →

Earthbag Workshop Project – part 1 Design Process

So the time has come to start a new project. The workshop! this is going to be a huge project and is going to take about two years. im going to try and take you through the whole process on … Continue reading →