Latilla Ceilings

Definition of latilla from “luh-tee-uh, a peeled branch or piece of wood laid between beams of a ceiling or above the vigas for decoration.” From Southwest Building Supply: “Latilla is from the Spanish word Lata, meaning stick. These “sticks” … Continue reading →

More on Timbrel Roofs

Readers really liked the previous post on Timbrel Roofs. This comment is from Paul, one of our readers. “Your post a few days back about timbrel vaulting grabbed my interest, and I began to look into it. I found some … Continue reading →

Pallet Wood Ceilings

Shipping pallets are incredibly useful for building. They’re typically free, widely available and very strong. The wood is cured, and often hardwoods such as oak are used in pallets. There’re just good to waste. The two ceiling discussed here use … Continue reading →

The Easy Way to Make Ferrocement Roof Panels

I just found this great technique for making ferrocement roofs at Steve’s Flying Concrete site. Steve explains how to make roof panels on the ground so you don’t have to plaster overhead. This eliminates the most difficult and awkward step … Continue reading →

The Sustainable Urban Dwelling Unit: Timbrel Vaults

Timbrel vaults offer another low cost, sustainable roof building method. This method is suitable for do-it-yourself owner builders if you do the research. Suggestions include: use a simple design with a reinforced concrete bond beam and modest spans. Look into … Continue reading →