I got the following plea from the California Institute of Earth Architecture:

On December 12, 2018, the CalEarth campus was closed down by the San Bernardino County Fire Department.  We cannot reopen until we complete a fire access road, which is scheduled to be built February 14-March 21, 2019 alongside a series of civil improvements required by the City of Hesperia, for an estimated cost of $165,072.

In addition to the civil improvements, we are working with the ICC (International Code Council) Evaluation Services to develop a standardized procedure for testing and assessing SuperAdobe in order to allow permitting–this would be a significant accomplishment in making this technology more¬†mainstream and accessible.¬†

We are committed to raising the funds to complete the civil improvement requirements and completing the ICC evaluation process, but cannot re-open the campus without your help. You can donate at www.calearth.org


CalEarth Shut Down by County Fire Department — 5 Comments

  1. government always wants to screw you any way it can. Claim civil improvement to get money, or repossess your land, somehow, and turn it into a strip mall cause that will give them more revenue. Screw city of hesperia.

  2. While a civil improvement of that cost is awful, I do get that you are working so hard to bring this to the masses. As soon as Cal Earth does this, so many will finally have homes!

    • Their request for funds is twofold: one is to improve the road access, and this relates to fire safety; the other is to assist with testing for the Superadobe concept, and this has the potential to make it more acceptable to code officials, and therefore the masses.

    • I don’t know the details of the circumstances at CalEarth now, but I know that in the past CalEarth has been on good terms with the local authorities. They collaborated with the City of Hesperia back in the 90’s in designing a local museum, using Superadobe technology.

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