Specially designed masonry heater for small homes

Specially designed masonry heater for small homes

“The challenge of the design of the Cabin Stove was to come up with something that was very compact but also still resembled and functioned like a masonry heater. The design criteria included heating the small space, an efficient and clean fire, utility for cooking, heating water, combining some quick/immediate-release heat with slower retained radiated heat, relative ease of construction, not too expensive, aesthetically pleasing, and being as compact in size as possible. A very interesting process to try to combine all of these together.”

More at the source: Firespeaking.com
Thanks to Geoffrey for this tip.


The Cabin Stove – A Small Masonry Heater at Aprovecho Research Center — 1 Comment

  1. That looks awesome. With the exception of the steel top, this looks like it might be easier to build than the masonry oven/heater from envisioneer.net, which I also love.

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