Earthbag dome by Bustani Permaculture Project Tanzania

Earthbag dome by Bustani Permaculture Project Tanzania

“We’re a small NGO on north coast of Tanzania run by a French couple who have decided to help the community in a Permaculture way. We’ve built our first dome a year ago then sand bag water cistern. ….Never followed any workshop since difficult for us but read and watched few videos. All your websites help us a lot, thanks again.

Earthbag water tank: We used 36 cm (14”) wide tube. The first 2 rows we had 20% of cement in the sand to make it really strong base then no more cement in the bag. We had 5% of clay for the rest. It’s a 10,000 liter capacity. On the barbed wire we had small piece of banding wire to help us to attach the chicken wire. Then plastered the whole tank with cement adding some waterproof powder. It worked very well. We connect it to our superadobe workshop right on time for the raining season.”



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  1. good to hear about your efforts in develiping permaculture systems and helping community members.
    i am also a strong supporter of natural building and permaculture as a whole but have little knowledge about this field.
    i would like to learn more from you. Thank you

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