Mobile brick pizza oven

Mobile brick pizza oven

Our blog post the other day about brick pizza ovens brought up a related topic and that is putting the oven on a trailer so it can be easily transported. This idea has pretty good income earning potential. This could be a good side-line job for weekends and evenings. Search the Internet and you’ll find stories of people who are taking these bread and pizza ovens to farmer’s markets, job sites, parties and other catering jobs, etc. A portable oven like this would also work great at workshops, house raisings, festivals, company sponsored events such as seminars and camping. Some people even use these mobile ovens for fundraisers for their favorite charities. Many people ask us how to get volunteers to help on their house project. Well, this is one good way to get helpers. Tell people you’re going to provide healthy, tasty meals from a brick oven and most likely you’ll get a decent turnout. And remember, you can bake all sorts of things besides just bread and pizza in these ovens. Many things such as vegetables and casseroles, for example, taste better when baked in a wood-fired oven. Note: clay ovens would not withstand the stresses of traveling on roads.

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Brick Oven on a Trailer — 4 Comments

  1. The picture is great and so is the mobile/healthy food/advertise your business idea. The comfort symbolized by a fireplace coupled with tasty food combines to satisfy sensate and primary human urges. Huge advertising potential with this.

    • Yes, I think these portable ovens would be a real crowd pleaser for whatever the event. They’re unique enough that they’d draw considerable attention I’d think.

  2. Great picture! I really like this idea. It’d make me feel better about purchasing one of these things if it meant it was more mobile and if I didn’t like where it was, I could just move it somewhere else in the yard.

    • Good point about being able to move it around. A brick oven becomes much more practical if it can be used for many different purposes (weddings, camping, etc.). You may very well use it much more often if it’s portable, especially if it’s generating extra income. And what if you move someday? You could take it with you.

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