Earthbag house at Better in Belize Eco Village

Earthbag house at Better in Belize Eco Village

“Tucked in to 130 acres of pristine rainforest in Cayo in Western Belize, our eco-community is located on the shores of one of Belize’s most spectacular waterways, “The Macal”, with its source high in the Mayan Mountains.”

Better in Belize Eco Village

Lots of photos at Looey Tremblay Google photos


Better in Belize Earthbag House — 9 Comments

  1. Daniel, I am planning a prospecting trip in late February to placencia Hopkins area. Maybe we could exchange contact info and eventually pool together resources. I’ve never built an earthbag home before but I have experience building wood homes.

  2. Is there someone in belize who builds earthbag homes. I am really interested in this method and would consider starting right away on my property in hopkins.

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