Wood Chip Gardening: What I Wish I Knew When I First Started Back To Eden Gardening

Many people make mistakes with wood chip gardening and then run into problems. This video would have helped me so much when I started out with Back To Eden gardening. Here is the original Back to Eden video. … Continue reading →

Indoor Forest Gardens Using Low Energy Climate Battery Technology

Jerome Osentowski spoke at Bioneers in Boulder November 8, 2013 on Indoor Forest Gardens Using Low Energy Climate Battery Technology. He spoke about how to grow your own food year-round, even tropical fruits, using Climate Battery Technology – a greenhouse … Continue reading →

Hoarder Downsizes to Gorgeous TINY HOUSE with her Cats

Jen used to be a hoarder and her “things” were controlling her life. Now she has downsized into a beautiful, clutter-free Tiny House with her two kitties. She eliminated several bills and now saves around $600/month. … Continue reading →

Fluid NYC flat uses sliding furniture to create 3 rooms in 1

Architect Peter Kostelov and his artist wife, Olga Feshina, wanted private rooms to work from home in their aging New York City apartment so they tore down the interior walls and rebuilt the 700-square-foot space with not just a living … Continue reading →