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Koh Phangan Earthbag Home Interior

Sunday, September 21st, 2014:

Freeform earthbag between boulders “This rather luxurious “cave” artfully combines granite, wood and earth. It has a 70 sqm ground floor divided into three rooms on 3 levels, topped by a 20 sqm loft. While the earthbag walls elegantly fill gaps between large boulders, the double roof structure is elliptic in shape and rests on […]  Read more from > Koh Phangan Earthbag Home Interior

DIY Soil Stabilizer Recipe

Saturday, September 20th, 2014:

Hello, There are many enzymes products in the market like; EMC Squared, Permazyme, Endurazyme, Paczyme, Earthzyme, RoadTech, UBIX, ECOroads, EcoMax/Nrzyma, Zym-Tec, Terrazyme, PX300, EnzymeRoads, Corchem 5510, Roadzyme, PaveZyme, EcoTerra, and others. All contain similar substances.  Read more from > DIY Soil Stabilizer Recipe