Ramirez Bari V01

Ramirez Bari V01

Ramirez Bari V01 AL2

Ramirez Bari V01 AL2

Take some time and enjoy architect Jose Andres Vallejo’s stunning Photostream site and website.

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Arquitectura en Equilibrio’s Photostream — 3 Comments

  1. Nice design. What materials are used on the exterior roof? Is this a stabilized earthen plaster? Was envisioning a living roof on this type of structure to give a bit more “cool” to it. Maybe Owen can give his views on this as well. Great job, very smooth and professional-looking finish.

    • I don’t know the details. I can’t even read the site. But I love the designs.

      The buildings are probably covered with cement plaster. There are standard commercially available waterproof roof and deck coatings. Just google the terms.

  2. Good photo stream. Did you happen to notice that the netting tubes he used were full of what appeared to be gravel? At first I thought it was just the foundation bags, but in other photos the same material appeared in top courses.

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