Design by Spanish architect Savin J. Couelle

Design by Spanish architect Savin J. Couelle

Architect Savin J. Couelle was featured in the book Handmade Houses: A Century of Earth-Friendly House Design. Visit his website for more amazing designs. Note how the interiors are modern and organic, while the exteriors are classic Mediterranean mansions.

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Architect Savin J. Couëlle — 4 Comments

    • I’ve never seen anyone combine ferrocement with traditional architecture in this way. He really is a superb architect.

      • Don’t cut yourself so short. I believe you are quite brilliant yourself. I do appreciate how he used the rebar because THIS is exactly how I plan to create the false illusion of my Hobbit home being under the large hill side. It was great to see how he used it to create such a beautiful home in my opinion.

        • Thanks. As you can see, you can create almost any curved surface imaginable with rebar, mesh and plaster.

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