For those who are curious about how to finish interior earthbag walls, take a look at this video by American Clay. Their website explains how “earthen plasters allow you to infuse your office with the texture, color and character of the natural world. Transform your home from a place you live into a place with life.”

Pretty nice, eh? And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be expensive. One option is to use your local clay soil (typically available for free) for 99% of the work, and then put on a real nice finish coat to make it look good. Or if money is really tight, look for local colorful clay and/or add iron oxide pigments to make any color you want.

Earthen plaster. Photo courtesy of American Clay

Earthen plaster. Photo courtesy of American Clay

Photo credit: American Clay


American Clay Plasters — 2 Comments

  1. I really like the color of the walls in the photo posted directly above. Do you know what the actual name of that color is so I can order it for my home project?

    • In comparing the photo with American Clay’s color pallet, accessible from their website it appears to be either Tucson Gold or Brighton.

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