Affordable Covered Pool Made with Earthbags

Affordable Covered Pool Made with Earthbags

“This summer being scorched under the glaring Texas sun, my wife and I had an idea. We need a swimming pool. Our thoughts were grand, our visions long. Covered, big, deep, beautiful, were some of the adjectives that sprang to mind. It was going to be a thing to behold, our in-ground pool.
I began that day my exhaustive research. In-ground, below ground, gunite, fiberglass, I wasn’t sure if I was looking for a casket or a pool. In my web searches one thing never materialized, plans for an affordable, covered, in-ground pool. Who wouldn’t want this trifecta of pool glory: in-ground – because above-ground’s lame; covered – because skinny-dipping’s cool; affordable – because we don’t want a third mortgage.

Unable to find plans for a pool that married my vision with our pocketbook. I needed more information. first, I started learning more about swimming pools. What kinds are available? How are they constructed? What are the basic elements of a pool? How is the water cleaned? Secondly, already an area of interest, I learned more about low-cost, sustainable construction methods. The goal was to find a low-cost construction method of building a covered pool.”

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Affordable Covered Pool Made with Earthbags — 6 Comments

  1. This is a great idea. I had thought of a more expensive approach but this is a better idea and more cost effective.

  2. I am really interested in these sunken done cisterns/pools. Bit I always wonder how you keep mushrooms/etc. From growing in the bags…mix in lime? With a limey plaster? And solid ventilation.

    • A good tamped earthbag mix is similar to rammed earth. We have at least one blog post here that documents rammed earth houses that have lasted thousands of years (some with no maintenance). Adding a little lime to the mix would make it almost stone-like. Plus, the bags are plastered so you won’t get any mushrooms.

    • They don’t say. Maybe the owner will see this and comment. I think it’s a clever, interesting project.

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