Sam and Alex, who live in the U.K. have just built an earthbag seating area.
They say, “Your site has contributed to helping us do this. Thank you for such an informative site! We would like to share our project with you. Although small in comparison to the buildings we have seen, it is a very large seating area which we are very proud of. We just hope it withstands the U.K. winters! I’ve included a few pictures below.”


A Beautiful Outdoor Earthbag Seating Area in the UK — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you all for the lovely comments. :-)
    I think it’s difficult to see the amount of legroom there actually is. Legs can be stretched out but with the seat area being extra deep it’s very spacious.
    We had relaxing in mind for this area. Hot summers and cold winters.. we aim to use it all year round. I’ve got the blankets ready! Lol!
    I too particularly like to sit with my legs curled to the side.
    Only today we have used it to lay on and sunbathe. 30 degrees today! It was bliss!

    Our next project will be using straw bale for a large shed. Although very hard work we have enjoyed building the seating area and spending the time together doing it. Isn’t it a great feeling of achievement?!

    We really hope this will withstand the frosts here in the U.K. Watch this space.. :-)

      • Thank you Michael. :-)
        Yes we used normal blue circle branded cement. In the second and final coat we used plasterers sand and plasticiser to give it a smoother finish and give it more workability and durability as well as frost protection.

  2. It looks great I’m sure you’ll get lots of use from it. I also hope it inspires you to go onto to bigger projects in the future. Earthbag building has so much potential. I’m sure you are hooked!

  3. very cozy. i like the width of the seating part, as i enjoy pulling my legs up and this build looks like you can bring them up and stretch legs out or curl them around. THANK you Sam and Alex and Kelly for sharing this build. INSPIRATIONAL!

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