Earthbag Projects in Uganda

“I check out materials available, some villages have stone, some make bricks, everybody had dirt. Timber is scarce and termites eat anything made of wood in weeks. If we use bricks they will need half the forests in Karamoja as … Continue reading →

Earthbag Huts in Uganda

A ministry in Northern Uganda has been making earthbag “huts” as homes for  employees and their families, fellow laborers, as well as a home for their family and a potential discipleship training school. These vertical walled roundhouses have a distinctive … Continue reading →

A Green Resource Center in Uganda

This is a 15 minute film on earth-bag construction at ‘Green Resource Center’ in Karamoja, Northern Uganda, as a part of IOM’s Karamoja Food Security and Community Stabilization Programme. As I watched this very informative and entertaining video, it actually … Continue reading →

Earthbag Construction in Uganda

Volunteer Opportunity for hands on experience and training Hungry Minds Educational Society is building an adult education centre in Kisowera, Mukono, about 30 km from Kampala. Construction is set to begin in January 2011 on our first building – a … Continue reading →