Double Unit Ecoresort

Specifications: Two 16′ diameter roundhouses = 402 sq. ft. interior plus 80 sq. ft. baths, total 482 sq. ft. interior (241 per unit), 1 bed, 1 bath per unit, Footprint: 19′ x 49’ Description: This ecoresort design joins two earthbag … Continue reading →

Low Cost Products for Weatherizing Your Home

“Weatherization facts: – Low income families will realize greater comfort and additional disposable income, saving over $400 in reduced energy costs (at current prices) the first year. This equates to a 23% reduction in primary heating and cooling fuel costs. … Continue reading →

Dropping Home Values

Dropping Home Values: One More Reason to Build Your Own Sustainable Home As if you needed another reason to build and live sustainably… Okay, here’s another reason – dropping home values. Millions of people are getting badly burned on their … Continue reading →


Coppiced wood has all sorts of practical uses for natural builders – sustainable fuel source, pole building, wattle and daub, pinning, braces, latilla ceilings and more. “Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management which takes advantage of the fact … Continue reading →

Fire Resistant Green Building

“I PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! Global Warming Equals Increasing Fire Danger Build a Durable Fire resistant Structure Fire Resistant Roofing Fire Resistant Decking Maintain a Defensible Space II LESSONS FROM THE 1993 LAGUNA BEACH FIRE – WHAT SURVIVED? – Many if … Continue reading →

Built-in Shelving

Extra storage space always seems to come in handy. Built-in shelving helps organize and store your books and other belongings in a way that adds warmth and character to your home. Built-in shelving is a sign of a well-built home. … Continue reading →