Gernot Minke – Building With Earth

Special thanks to Eugene in Russia for the heads up on this great find. This earth building book by Gernot Minke’s is one of the most informative books on the subject, and now it’s available as a free download. How … Continue reading →

Sustainable Preparedness Expo in Spokane, Washington

Owen, The sustainable expo was a great success! There were over 700 visitors to the expo and our booth was the second most demanded subject at the expo. The great thing is that we were the only renewable energies booth … Continue reading →

Structural Integrity of Insulated Earthbag Vaults

This blog post provides additional information about the insulated earthbag vaults that I’ve been discussing the last few weeks. (Use the search engine in the upper right corner and enter “insulated earthbag vaults” to read prior posts.) As explained from … Continue reading →

Earthen Beehive Houses

These earthen beehive houses have been keeping Syrians naturally cool for centuries. Built of all natural local materials, the thick walls help naturally cool the interior by keeping out the sun, and acting as a thick insulation for the heat … Continue reading →

Earthbag Huts in Uganda

A ministry in Northern Uganda has been making earthbag “huts” as homes for  employees and their families, fellow laborers, as well as a home for their family and a potential discipleship training school. These vertical walled roundhouses have a distinctive … Continue reading →