Roundhouse Update: Light Fixtures

We just finished installing light fixtures in our earthbag roundhouse. This step has taken a lot longer than anticipated. The porch light by the front door was easy to find since it is conventional looking. But we wanted something special … Continue reading →

Straight Versus Zigzagging Barbed Wire

Do not zigzag barbed wire between courses of bags, because this will lessen its tensile strength. A load (stress) on the structure, such as a hurricane, earthquake or differential settling, would tend to pull the structure apart as the slack … Continue reading →

Other Uses for ¼” Steel Rod

An earlier post described how to use ¼” steel rod to install electrical boxes you may have forgotten. This steel is incredibly versatile and so it’s handy to have some around during construction. Here’s a list of things we’ve used … Continue reading →

Dispensers Versus Uncoiling Barbed Wire by Hand

I’ve seen various barbed wire dispensers being used and have wondered what design works best. I started making a dispenser for our roundhouse workshop, but gave up when things weren’t quite working out. It seems easier to move the roll … Continue reading →