This looks like one of the easiest, most cost effective tiny house solutions. “For many people, buying a cargo trailer to live in is a better choice than buying an RV. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I hope by the time you’ve seen the whole video, you may be a believer.”

10 reasons: 1. Price, 2. Better insulation, 3. Durability, 4. Weight, 5. Off road ability, 6. A blank slate (easy to fix up however you want), 7. Resale value, 8. No systems to fail, 9. Stealth, 10. Versatility. I love Bob Wells’ videos. Check out his CheapRVLiving for more videos like this.
Cargo Trailer Conversion to Camper
I’m always looking for better and better housing solutions. Cargo trailers are legal on the roads, the outer shell is complete and they’re well built (strong enough for hauling tools for contractors). Cargo trailers are affordable and they come in different sizes.


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