My Cheap $250 Apartment in Chiang Mai Thailand

These Dcondos are not only cheap to rent but come fully furnished and move in ready. Includes, pool, gym, washing machine inside the unit…how can you beat that. It’s a great place to live or stay short term. If you … Continue reading →

On the Road: Live from Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is a popular tourist destination. At restaurants it’s common to hear conversations in multiple languages. The international flair of Vientiane in part comes from old French colonial architecture found throughout the city. I’ve chosen Vientiane … Continue reading →

Amazing Woven Bamboo House -Traditional Green Building

This amazing video by architect Gordan Clarke is very enlightening and inspiring. Note the keywords in the title — Traditional Green Building. That’s a key concept often missing in today’s green building movement, where granite countertops are imported from Italy, … Continue reading →

The 20 Best Mountain Towns in America

Mountain towns are often some of the most beautiful places in the US, and can be good places to live and homestead. While opinions vary on which mountain towns are the ‘best’, living in places like this has many advantages. … Continue reading →

Floating Container Gardens

Floating container gardens float on the surface of ponds and lakes. Floating gardens can be constructed of low cost materials such as plastic baskets and buckets tied together with twine. Here are two photos to illustrate what they can look … Continue reading →