Whatever Happened to Rex’s Pallet House?

This drawing approximates Rex’s pallet house method.

This drawing approximates Rex’s pallet house method.

So where is Rex? How did his pallet house turn out? I’d sure like to know. When people send us owner-builder home projects that cost $4/square foot then obviously tons of people will be interested. Most likely Rex’s house is finished and he’s moved on to other things. If Rex happens to see this, please please email me an update of your house. Read more from > Whatever Happened to Rex’s Pallet House?

Earthsong Farm and Herbal School

Earthbag house prototype for Earthsong Farm

Earthbag house prototype for Earthsong Farm

“Sara Markis, Owner/Creator/Curato, has after 8 years of developing & gathering skills, come to the point of crowdsourcing for 300 acres (or more!) to be home to an Herbal school of 100-200 students from around the world, a natural farm garden & orchards and community of 500 households along with Auditorium,Farmer’s Market & Organic Cafe.

We are proud to say these buildings in whole or part, will be Earthbag builds and once ready for that stage, EarthSong will be putting out call for Architect & Engineer grads & students to build and get certified build hours for their portfolios & resumes!

We plan on rotations of workshops and guest speakers on all spiritual, natural, creative, humane issues, subjects and strive to empower future healers as well as thousands thru-out the visitors to our gardens!

Can we achieve Unity to create this amazing project?? We hope you find value in donating to this private Community center/farm garden endeavor as we do not pursue any grants or loans of any kind. We hope to create a place that nature & creativity thrive. Please be a part of the Journey!

We really recommend people just give $5 -$20 until we reach 1st million. We want to share this opportunity of kindness with at least a million people at $5 each…….If you give more, you are giving from the heart because it is a project worthy of such donations…..If we reach only partial goals, we will do one more fund drive before deciding to scale up or down on property size and project capability. I can only promise that our intent is to be a community center to spread consciousness,farming,natural healing…..Sara has worked hard at these projects for over 8 years…..

Dreams, if put in measured steps, can become real plans to actually create a reality that reflects the dignity & beauty of Humanity’s achievements…..Godspeed!!”

Visit our facebook group page:)
Earthsong Farm
Free Sample House Plan of house illustrated above

Las Gaviotas – A Village to Reinvent the World

“Paolo Lugari and his team at Las Gaviotas in Colombia started regenerating the rainforest in 1984. Gunter and Paolo met for the first time that same year. This video offers some insights and background with exclusive video footage presenting the case of Gaviotas by Gunter. This is a prime case of The Blue Economy, zero emissions and social development, working only with what is locally available, generating social capital.” For info please look at www.zeri.org Read more from > Las Gaviotas – A Village to Reinvent the World